Pet Shop or Rescue Rabbit?

Most rabbit rescue services, including ours, do ask for a donation towards our services when adopting a rabbit. So why would you pay to adopt a rabbit from us, when you can pick up a “cute” baby rabbit from a pet shop or local breeder?

We would ask that you consider the overall costs and not just an initial fee. If you assume a fullly healthy rabbit, the comparison table shows you some of the financial benefits of adopting a rabbit from us.

Pet-Shop Rabbit Fairly Beloved Rabbit
Initial Cost £25 – £50 Suggested Donation £ DONATION
Myxo-RHD Vacc £20 – £40 Myxo-RHD Vacc Often Incl.
RHD2 Vacc £20 – £40 RHD2 Vacc Often Incl.
Neutering £50 – £90 Neutering Often Incl.

We also invest a great deal of time and energy on socialising and behavioural training of rabbits in our care, meaning that we can give you advice on the best way to manage each rabbit: we know their character, the traits, the likes and dislikes and can help you bond with your new pet easier than many shop-bought rabbits that have had little to no handling.

When buying or adopting a baby rabbit, do remember that babies grow, and it can sometimes be quite a shock to see just how much they will grow. Most people we meet who we introduce adult rabbits to comment on how big they are, even when it’s a small breed! Research the size of the breed of rabbit you are picking, and if you don’t know the breed assume they’re going to get BIG!