Pay Their Spay!

Following a large intake of rabbits into Beloved Rabbits care over the past number of weeks, we have found ourselves in a position of having 38 rabbits that all need neutered!

Only 4 of these rabbits are male - a much simpler and cheaper procedure compared to the girls.

34 girls, on the other hand, need a lot more support, and we expect they will have varying levels of post-operative support needed including additional pain meds and gut stimulants.

Did You Know?

We value the importance of neutering all rabbits so much, that we do not allow adult rabbits (older than 16 weeks old) to leave our care until they have been neutered and fully recovered?  And babies leave with a neutering voucher - so we still pick up the tab!

These rabbits cannot find new homes until we can afford to get them neutered!

Harry is one of our young rabbits waiting to be neutered ready for adoption.
Harry is one of our young rabbits waiting to be neutered ready for adoption.

Waiting For Company

Harry Pawter, one of our surrendered unplanned litters, is now 16 weeks old, and is developed enough to under go his castration.

As he has sexually matured, we has had to be separated from his mum and his two sister to ensure there are no further accidental litters!

This means he is now on his own.

He has been reserved for adoption, and will be buddied up with a new partner with his adoptive family.

But he cannot go to his new home until we can afford to get him neutered.

We Need Your Help!

We want to get all the rabbits neutered as soon as possible, so we can continue finding them the best possible furever homes!

Our campaign seeks to raise enough money to neuter them all!

Anything you can offer to support our campaign is very much appreciated.

Your Donation Will Get These Rabbits To Their New Homes!

Neuter Costs Rising

As a result of an increase in costs associated with General Anaesthetic procedures and the drugs used during these operations, our vet partners have reluctantly been forced to increase prices across the board.

We have seen our average neuter costs increase significantly in the past 12 months!

On average, we now expect to pay around £80 per castration, and around £100 to £130 per spay.

We still only suggest a donation of around £60 per adoption, meaning there is a huge shortfall when it comes to paying our vet bills.

Autumn Neuter Campaign

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Help Keep These Sisters Together

Meet India and Julia, who arrived in Beloved Rabbits' care around 6 weeks ago.

They have always been together, but their hormone levels at times peak meaning there can be some territorial behaviour and chasing between them.

We work very hard to protect bonds, and keep rabbits together when at all possible, but female-female bonds can be very tricky.

It's all the harder when both girls are still due to be spayed, meaning they are suffering a very real risk that their behaviour may result in a need to separate.  Something we really don't want to do!

We think having the girls spayed will make the world of difference to their relationship and will allow them to settle down into a much happier bond together.