Pauline’s Fostering Story

How I began

I was looking for a companion for my baby Continental Giant, so needed something a bit bigger than your average rabbit.   After a chance meeting with an existing foster carer I had a look on the FBRC website and found Melinda.

Through the adoption process I found out more about the charity and the fact that there were many unwanted rabbits.  As there is a network of support through Facebook I noticed a plea for more foster homes and decided that I could put what I had learnt from my own experience to good use and offer a temporary safe, caring home for rabbits in need

I started off with just one fostering placement, as many of the foster carers do.  However for those who have the space and are happy to take on more placements you could foster more than one single, pair or group of rabbits at a time.

My Fosters
Snow White & Tianna

These girls were my first placement.  Although Snow White has additional needs (she is blind and deaf) their characters soon shone through.  With the support from the charity I learnt how to do daily checks and was able to get assistance when I was concerned for their health.  They both quickly settled in to family life and enjoyed exploring.

The girls recently were transferred within the network so that they could get spayed as part of the Glasgow University Neuter Clinic (FBRC currently provide all the rabbits for this neuter clinic).  So instead of them travelling back to me they are now with new carers within the network.

This allowed me to get a new placement:


Mum, Dad & The Kids

The family, Arthur,  Bella, Maisie & Daisy.  These guys came in as a group of 4 and as I had space to keep them together for now they joined my foster family.   They are relatively new to the network, but are settling in well.



Fred, I was lucky enough to have the space to take in dream boy Fred, this cheeky wee guy loves to jump out of enclosures so required a fully enclosed living area .



More Than Fostering
Well that’s the fostering side; there is also the opportunity to get involved in promoting the charity, rabbit welfare and fundraising. At first I was very nervous about doing local events but with support I gained confidence and even dressed as a giant rabbit to raise much needed funds.