Our Virtual Christmas Market

28th November to 17th December 2023

You Can Still Donate or List Items

Visit Our Market Today!

Our Virtual Christmas Market is open now, and hosted on our eBay For Charity site.

We're inviting our volunteers, supporters and followers to get involved in our Virtual Christmas Market.

Are you an artist or crafter, or producer of giftware?  Would you be willing to donate some of your products for us to sell to raise much-needed funds for the rabbits in our care?

Or you may be more comfortable donating a percentage of your proceeds to Beloved Rabbits whilst retaining some of the sale to help cover your own costs.

If you can't turn your hand to making something for our Christmas Market, we're sure you will find some fantastic gifts to purchase for you and your family this Christmas.

We'll be using our eBay for Charity platform to help run the virtual market during the event which runs from 28th November through to 17th December 2023, allowing plenty of time to get items shipped in time for Christmas.

Find out more about how you can get involved in this event below.

Donate Items For Us To Sell

The easiest way to get involved is to simply donate your items to us, and let us deal with creating our sales listings on eBay and processing the collection/shipping of items to our buyers.

You can arrange to drop your item(s) off at our offices in Kirkintilloch, and we will give you an opportunity to provide guide prices for what you think your items should be sold for.

If you are a sole-trader or small business, we will also make sure your business is detailed in the listing too!

List Your Items on eBay for Charity

If you would like a little more control over your sales listing, you can create and manage your own eBay for Charity Listing.

You would deal with shipping and any customer enquiries.

You get to choose what level of donation from your sales is given to Beloved Rabbits, anything from 10% to 100%.

Check out our step-by-step guide to creating a listing and get involved today.

eBay fees apply, but are reduced based on the percentage of your donation to Beloved Rabbits.