Our Partnerships With Pets At Home

If you are a follower of Beloved Rabbits' work, you will notice that we often work in partnership with Pets At Home.

We are often asked how we can work with an organisation that is perceived to be at the root of many of the problems that we face day-in-day out at Beloved Rabbits.


It is a tough one. There are many practices at Pets At Home that we have concerns about, and would desperately love to see them stopping the sale of rabbits (and other small animals too). We are not silent about those concerns and do raise them with the Pets At Home team on a regular basis.

We are firm believers that we can only see this kind of important and significant change happen by working hard with them to support change. In the years since we started the rescue we, along with numerous other animal welfare organisations, have worked hard on our partnerships with Pets At Home to action the removal of muesli feeds, to encourage a review of rabbit housing available which saw the introduction of larger hutch sizes, a focus on stimulation activity through improved range of suitable toys, and changes in the range of treats which is currently underway too.

There's a long way to go, and so many more things we would like to see changed, not only in Pets At Home stores but across the entire pet industry. We're chipping away at things and seeing things gradually improve.

Whilst Pets At Home have the focus of most of the inexperienced and want-to-be rabbit owners in the community, we need to continue working with them to get introduced to new rabbit owners who perhaps wouldn't otherwise get access to the latest rabbit welfare standards. Pets At Home are effectively our door to getting the important messages about latest standards in rabbit welfare out to the masses, and so we must work with them.

I genuinely don't think we would have seen any of these changes we have made so far by refusing to work with them and lobbying from the outside.

Our partnership has allowed Beloved Rabbits to benefit from grant funds and donations from the Pets At Home Foundation (formerly Support Adoption For Pets) that allowed us to purchase equipment for our foster rabbits throughout the foster network and at our rescue support centre, The Hoppy Hub. They also covered over £12k of vet fees for us in 2019.

It is true that there's a lot that's not good about how they run their business, but its also not all bad.

Please be assured our working with them is not something we take on lightly and it is after a lot of deep consideration that we have decided there is more to be achieved working with them.