New Year First Hop-in: 6th January 2018

David and his daughter Aimee dressed as Santa Bunnies in 2016 In Scotland there is a Ne’er Day (New Year’s Day) tradition of “First Foot-in”, where friends, family and neighbours all aim to be the first to step through your doors in the new year to spread good luck and well wishes for the new year.

This year, the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care team are planning a “First Hop-In” as David and a small team of the volunteers, dressed in all their tartan bunny fine-ness, tour round Central Scotland visiting as many of our foster bunnies as possible. It’s an excellent opportunity to spread the warmth and love our fantastic supporters share with us over the Christmas period as we distribute gifts and supplies that have been donated to the charity for the rabbits.

We will be hopping round the homes on Saturday 6th January 2018 and we’d love you to get involved too.

We’ll be sharing live updates as we go on Saturday 6th January 2018 so tune-in to our Facebook page to see how we get on, listen for your shout out or look to see if you can spot your gift being given out to one of our bunnies.

Thank you in advance for your support – we are hoping it will be an excellent way to end our “Bunny, It’s Cold Outside” campaign.

The Santa Paws team as they set off to deliver gifts last Christmas

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