Mork & Mindy: Mork’s Story

Two of our rabbits that are looking for a new home are so keen to find their loving family that they’ve asked their foster carer to share their story with us.

Mork & Mindy are an excellent bonded Rex pair. The Rex breed, originally bred for fur, is a unique breed due to their velvet-like fur, which is only found in this breed.

Today, Mork tells his story.

My name is Mork. I am a sweet rabbit. I enjoy a wee pat first thing in the morning to say hello. I enjoy hops and skips and putting on a show. When I’m relaxing I roll on my side. I’ll let you know when I want something. I don’t like the hoover much, and I’m terrified of money getting counted (the sound of coins in a pocket, hand or purse). I may be a little shy for a while, but give me a chance as I’m a little more nervous than Mindy.

My favourite pastime? Eating. My favourite foods include: rabbit pellets, kale, banana (a tiny amount as a treat), parsley, broccoli, pear (a tiny amount as a treat), water melon (tiny treat), loads of chunky/rough hay. I’m not that keen on spring greens & spinach, although I will eat it.

Please make sure foxes can’t get us as they are clever, and will find a way!

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in my new home

Tomorrow, Mindy will get her opportunity to tell her story too. If you would like to adopt Mork & Mindy, please get in touch soon.

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