Mork & Mindy: Mindy’s Story

Yesterday, Mork told us his rabbit story. Today, his buddy Mindy tells her tale.

My name is Mindy. I am more independent than my brother Mork, and I’m not as nervous as him. I can be quite ruthless when it comes to food – apologies for my rudeness if I accidentally nip you thinking your finger is part of my food. I’ll soon get used to you and learn to tell the difference between my dinner and your attention.

I love to climb stuff and go wandering for a wee while, but once I’ve had my stretch I’ll soon return to base. I take a bit longer to get used to a wee pat from you, but once we know each other this will soon get easier.

I love sorting out all the shredded newspaper in my litter box. I very rarely jump and skip, but who knows maybe I will if I get a nice lawn to play on.

Just like Mork, my favourite pastime is eating, but I’m not as fussy as he is – I will eat anything and everything!

When I want something I’m not slow at letting you know, so don’t be surprised if I get grumpy when my bowl gets empty or want a bit of attention. Keep me accustomed to the good life I’m used to and I’ll play nice 😉

Both Mork & I are fully litter trained, and I am very house proud! I can’t stand a messy area and I make sure he keeps himself tidy too. Give us a litter tray and we’ll make things easy for you.

If you would like to adopt Mork & Mindy, please get in touch soon.

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