Microchipping Rabbits

With effect from 1st February, all Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care adopted rabbits will come micro-chipped, as well as vaccinated and neutered (or neuter voucher for younger rabbits).

Why Do We Microchip All Rabbits?

Rabbits continue to be the most neglected, abandoned pet in the UK, with over 67,000 rabbit entering rescue services every year and probably hundreds of thousands more rehomed privately through classified and online services.

The number of stray rabbits as a result has also increased in recent years.

We want to emphasise the importance of ownership of your pet rabbits by ensuring that they are registered to you.  This means that, should your rabbit be found after it was lost or stolen, there is a better chance of them being brought back home to you.

Does it cost extra?

Microchipping is included with all adoptions and is included within our suggested donation fee.  Note however that the Petlog database service may charge you in future for any changes made to your registration details. 

We are taking the opportunity to review our suggested adoption fees at the same time as introducing this service.  As a result of the additional cost to the rescue, plus added pressure of veterinary bills, we will be increasing our suggested donation fee to £60.

Remember, that a suggested donation of £60 for each single or bonded pair of rabbits!  Each rabbit is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and health checked prior to adoption, so this is still excellent value for money. Compare our suggested donation costs to the costs of buying a rabbit from a pet shop or breeder.

Can I Choose Not To Have My Rabbit(s) Microchipped?

Due to our internal procedures it will not be possible for you to request your rabbit(s) not be microchipped.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQs, or feel free to get in touch.