Meet The Pairs: Posh & Becks

Welcome to another of our Meet The Pairs showcases during Rabbit Groups Month.

Today we focus on Posh & Becks. They joined us in April as an urgent case when their owner was forced by her landlord to evict the bunnies at short notice. From what we could tell, they had been kept hidden in a shed inside a small cage. Posh was very territorial when we first took her in, and was also very protective her Becks and would charge at you any time you tried to go near him.

Since coming in to the network however her character has completely turned. She’s now been given a large hutch to live in and is giving daily exercise in an appropriate exercise run in the garden. She is now very friendly and looks for your attention.

Becks, a red-eyed-white, is very laid back – almost lazy by comparison.

Both are now a loving pair, and relatively easy to handle (remember – rabbits don’t like being picked up).

If you think you can offer them a loving home, either to be kept as a pair or as part of a group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.