Meet The Pairs: Liesl & Gretl

As part of September’s Rabbit Groups month, we’ll also be profiling some of our current bonded pairs. We’re keen for anyone currently looking for a new buddy for their single rabbit to consider the benefits of introducing a pair.

First in our showcase are Liesl & Gretl.

Liesl & Gretl are our longest residence at FBRC, having now been looking for their new home for over 14 months!

They are an adorable pair, running to see you in the morning and keen to get your attention. As with most rabbits, they’re not keen on being picked up. They do come to you though, and love nose rubs.

For health checks, they can be handled if necessary with little fuss (they just don’t like it).

The photos we have this pair don’t do them much justice. We have taken them to events recently and they get lots of attention! Still looking for their final home though. We’ve taken some better photos of them.

If you think you could offer them a loving home, either to be kept as a pair or as part of a group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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