Management Team

A core team of member volunteers have assumed management roles within the charity to lead our volunteers in our critical activities to meet our goals.

Fern Blackwood,
Adoptions Manager

I have always been an animal lover and, similar to many of our volunteers, had rabbits when I was young but didn’t do the research to realise what was involved in properly caring for them.

I first discovered the charity in 2014 when I was looking for experience caring for animals and joined the team as a Care Assistant, helping to look after the rabbits at our rescue hub. This turned out to be just the starting point for me in learning about rabbit welfare - since then I have taken on a number of roles within the charity which has given me a breadth of knowledge about rabbit care, and my adopted house rabbits, Jess and Jake, are better looked after than me!

My main role as Adoptions Manager involves working with adopters to find the right match for them and supporting our Aftercare Assistants with providing bonding advice and getting the bunnies settled into their new homes. I love being part of the adoptions team, it's incredibly rewarding and although there are hard times too, it's worthwhile when you see them hop off to their forever homes. It's also been a great way to get to know the rest of the volunteer team as I'm in touch with them regularly for rabbit updates and to arrange adoptions.

I'm also a Foster Lead, so I look after a small group of foster carers and ensure the rabbits in their care are up to date with vaccinations, health checks and all the other things they need to be adoption ready. I'm also a foster carer myself and although I'm always sad to see them go, it's lovely when they find their perfect home, particularly long term placements that have been waiting for the right person to come along.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK, but they're also the most neglected, with their welfare needs often misunderstood or completely overlooked. I'm so grateful to Beloved Rabbits for giving me the opportunity to be part of an amazing team of volunteers and make a real difference for rabbits in Scotland.


Lorna Bryce,
Foster Care Manager

I’m a total animal lover and was looking for an opportunity to contribute more to animal rescue when I spotted the ad for fosterers with Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.

Completely new to rabbit ownership and handling at the time, I learned so much from my fellow volunteers and was disappointed to hear how much we need to improve as a society to provide the right level of care and environment for Rabbits.

A few years later and I’m fully bought in to all aspects of the charity, recently taking on Foster Care Manager (looking after our network of fosters and getting new recruits up and running), attend events and more importantly try to get along to all the social get togethers.

It’s great to be part of charity that is 100% volunteer ran and where we are all encouraged to share our opinions and contribute towards the direction of the charity and day to day decision making.

Rachel McKenzie,
Fundraising Manager

I first got rabbits in 2014. My husband decided to surprise me! I instantly fell in love with there amazing and different personalities, I started to learn they were more than I first thought and fell more in love with them.

When I lost one of my bunny babies, I took to looking for a new friend for my other bun.

That’s when I found Beloved Rabbits.

Instantly I felt like I wanted to do what I can to help rabbits. That’s when I decided to apply to volunteer.

While doing the role of a rabbit coordinator, I realised the importance of helping in more ways.  Especially during Covid-19 lockdown!

I’ve always enjoyed fundraising for various charity’s and when the role of Fundraising Manager came up, it was too good an opportunity not to go for.

I’m looking forward to getting started and getting to know all of our amazing supporters and helping do some more good in the bunny world.


Heather Thomson,
Fundraising Manager

When my own rabbits passed away a number of years ago, I approached Beloved Rabbits with the intention of giving a home to some bunnies in need. However, when I found they were looking for foster carers, I joined the rescue as an indoor fosterer. This is an incredibly rewarding role, and I’ve had the chance to foster a huge variety of bunny personalities. With the support of my ever-patient husband, we’ve taken on some challenging cases but each one has been a positive experience. We’ve had three failed fosters, so I have my own trio of rabbits who provide a constant source of joy and entertainment alongside our wonderful foster buns. 

A few months after joining the rescue, I become an Adoption Manager, and worked in this role for 4 years. I dedicated much of my free time to this role, and it was an absolute pleasure to do. It involved working closely with the volunteer network, to get the rabbits ready for adoption, then working with applicants to make the right match for them and the rabbits. Bonding support become a big part of the aftercare, and no two bonds were ever the same – it was fantastic to work with adopters as the bunnies settled in to their forever homes. 

Having been with Beloved Rabbits for quite a while, I’ve witnessed some amazing growth and development. The incredibly high demand for our rehoming and adoption services has driven expansion of what we offer, and there’s always more we could do if we had the funds. I’m excited to now volunteer as a Fundraising Manager, and we have some ambitious plans ahead which require secure and sustainable income to achieve. I’m dedicated to improving rabbit welfare and am fortunate to work alongside a fantastic team as we strive to do all we can for bunnies in need.  

Heather McGreevy
Marketing Manager

I've had rabbits since I was a little as four years old. At that time there wasn't nearly as much information available to rabbit owners as there is now. I've been there and done it all wrong with the lack of information and also due to the fact I was handling rabbits at such a young age. I think I only had a small picture book to educate me and it wasn't the right information I was being given.

Despite my rocky start, my sheer love of rabbits and determination to understand them better myself helped me develop and grow my experience and in recent years. Having access to some really good rabbit resources such as RWAF and Beloved Rabbits has meant I've been able to develop my knowledge. I'm now the go-to rabbit lady for friends and family which I absolutely love and take great pride in.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would have four of my own at any one time but I'm absolutely devoted to it and to be able to help other rabbits through the charity is a bit of a dream come true for me. The hands on experience with four very different characters in itself has been a massive learning tool.

I'm here to take on the challenge of promoting everything we work hard for at the charity - rabbit welfare, rabbit adoptions, raising those all important funds & of course educating people to the point they know as much about rabbits as they might do about dogs and cats. After all... rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK so why are they treated differently! MON THE BUNNIES!


Auriol Lynskey,
Education Services Manager

As children my sister and I had rabbits that lived and ranged in the garden, but it wasn’t until I moved in with my husband and his bunny that I was introduced to the idea of having a house rabbit. Living so closely indoors with rabbits we began to understand what complex, amazing animals they are, but as owners we often found it frustrating and difficult to find good quality care advice.

I first met the charity in 2016 when we adopted our much loved Fred to be a companion for Maisie. I was impressed with the knowledge and passion the volunteers clearly had for what they do and so I decided to get involved myself.

Having worked as a trainer, I believe in life-long learning and so it makes sense that I first joined the Education, Awareness and Training project. Having since stepped into the role of Education Services Manager I am really looking forward to seeing how we can support the charity and the public going forwards.

Eve McKenzie
Finance Manager

Although I never had pets of my own growing up I’ve always been an animal lover and enjoyed caring for my neighbours pets and later my brothers rabbits while he was on Holiday.

When he and his wife lost one of their bunnies I learned about Beloved Rabbits through them. I am a keen volunteer and worked to raise money for various charities throughout school. I enjoyed hearing more about the charity and could see Rachels passion for the organisation.

Now I have a place of my own and, being the animal lover that I am, I looked into fostering. Beloved Rabbits was the obvious place to look. I love the fact that the charity is 100% volunteer led and focuses so much rabbit welfare as well as educating people on the needs of rabbits. I have not been a Foster for long but have loved the support and experience given.

It was through the fostering process I heard of the roll of finance manager. With my accounting degree and experience I thought this would be a perfect way to expand my involvement in the charity which plays on my strengths. I hope with this role I will be able to help the charity expand and continue its job of helping rabbits throughout the country.

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