Making Christmas Special For The Rescue Rabbits

For the past few months, a pair of the Fairly Beloved Volunteer team have been very busy. They have been collecting a large selection of treats for bunnies; from Pet stores, pound stores, ebay, garden stores and online stores. 

On Sunday, the 14th December, a group of volunteers got together and started putting all of these objects to a good use; to make Christmas extra special for the bunnies, by hand making a selection of toys. 

We met at Lynne’s, one of the care assistants house’s where we walked into a lounge filled with boxes; boxes of toilet roll tubes, boxes of hay, readigrass, cardboard planters, sisal rope, delicious smelling herbs, crunches, dried fruit and wooden beads; all bunny safe and so colourful! 

After some coffee and cake, Laura showed us a few of her ideas; for the past few years now, she has researched into rabbit safe providers, for things such as coloured wood, beads, and ropes. She showed us a few of the toys she had made before our arrival; the possibilities were most definitely endless! She has been making her own rabbit toys for the past few years; and with that as an inspiration we where raring to go! 

So, we got to work like little Elves. 

Lynne and Lauren created gift bags stuffed with tasty treats for the bunnies to tear open and investigate; these give hours of endless fun and encourages bunnies natural foraging instincts; as they find the super tasty treats! 

Laura gave the toy making group some great encouragement; and really got our creativity flowing. We created some pretty strange looking toys; planters stuffed with hay and dried fruit; loo roll tubes with holes punched and filled with tasty smelling herbs . . . baby rings at the top, linked and secured with sisal and barley rings; all completely edible and safe for the bunnies to enjoy. I don’t know who was more excited; Lynne and Laura who’s idea this all was, who have been collecting the items over the past few months, or us little elves, proud that we had created all these cool toys – and possibly the most creative thing I’ve done since school! 

It was great to bond as a team, and be doing something that we know is really going to benefit the bunnies at the warren this Christmas. 

Although the bunnies receive lots of love and attention from us volunteers on a regular basis; we all agree that Christmas is a time for love, giving and joy; and this is the best way we feel we can make the day special for these guys who haven’t yet found their forever home, and aren’t in a foster home, spending it with a family who love them and appreciate them for their little bunny ways. 

If you feel that you would like to give a bunny a forever home; a home to spend their Christmas in next year, spoil them rotten and celebrate your love for them, then please do get in touch in the new year! Currently, adoptions are closed over Christmas, but will re open in January. 

We will be visiting the bunnies on Christmas eve, to attach their new toys to their doors, stash their paper bags away; I’m so excited!

See a selection of our toy making activities in the photos below, and come back over the coming days to see us start to treat the rabbits in the rescue with their gifts.