Loose Bunny Rescue

It is always a challenge when we get a rescue request through by phone or via the website as we assess the circumstances and determine the priority against all those already on our waiting list.  There are some cases though that we try to respond to immediately.

Last Friday we received contact from an owner requesting help with rehoming her four rabbits, which were also advertised elsewhere as free to a good home.  We immediately started to get things organised and offered space within the rescue.

However, it took until last night to get the owner to authorise us to come to collect the rabbits from her property.  The rabbits, now only 3 of them, were described as being two females and a single male, so we were concerned there may be pregnancies.  They were also now running free-range in the garden and the neighbours property as the owners could not capture the bunnies.

We offered to attend as a small team so we could use our experience of handling rabbits to capture them and get them in to the rescue.

As I am sure many of you know, chasing rabbits round a garden where they can hide underneath sheds, behind hutches and even squeeze under the fence in to the neighbours garden is far from easy!

As you can see from the photos below, we were successful and all three bunnies are now settling in with us here.  Thankfully, they are all female and appear to get on well together at the moment.  There may still be a risk of pregnancies depending on what other rabbits they were recently housed with. 

We have given them the rescue nicknames Tribble, Uhura and Kathryn Janeway as part of January’s “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” naming theme.

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