People who know me well will tell you that I am quietly ambitious: I see an opportunity and immediately think big!

That ethic carries in to our plans for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, and whilst we have always intended to start off small to allow us to develop a strong service, our ultimate vision is much bigger. Over the coming months we’ll start to share more of our plans & vision with you.

When we started we knew there was a need for the service in the area, and we knew we could help to plug the gap. What we hadn’t anticipated though was just how popular it would become.

We had anticipated at this early stage of the organisation of having approximately 4 or 5 rabbits in direct care with us, and perhaps the same again on a waiting list. We had anticipated being in a position to ensure that all rabbits in our direct care would be fully vaccinated & neutered prior to rehoming. We had anticipated that finding new homes may prove to be the hardest part of the process.

Today we find ourselves with 29 rabbits. Of those, 7 are in foster care and the rest remain with their current owners whom we offer support to whilst we search for a foster placement or permanent home. Of the 7 in our care all need vaccinated & all need neutered.

We have various ongoing enquiries from people looking to adopt rabbits from us. Most enquiries are from rabbit savvy homes and they are keen to ensure vaccinations, neutering and companionship are maintained.

So it’s all going really well…isn’t it?

Almost. The sad situation for us just now is that we just don’t have any funds to help us process vaccinations or neutering for any of our fostered rabbits, let alone those on our waiting list. Prospective owners are, understandably, less interested in taking on the responsibility for these treatments themselves, and are looking for us to have neutered rabbits prior to rehoming (which is our perfect scenario too).

Economic times are tough, and that’s no more noticeable for FBRC than any other animal welfare organisation. But it’s sadly having a substantial impact on us because of our size and as a result of being such a young organisation. Vaccinations & neutering are on hold waiting on funds. Vet bills are haunting our in tray. Things are slowing down despite having physical capacity within our network to be doing a lot more!

It’s not the end of the world though. This is changeable, and we know how! But we need your help!

We’re looking for more volunteers to join our network as “Fundraising Officers” who can work alongside Feona and myself to plan fundraising activities, raise awareness of the organisation and drive donations into the FBRC account so we can jump-start the service again.

Can you help? Maybe you’ve seen our appeals for Foster Carers and wished you could help but couldn’t commit to caring for a rabbit full-time for us. This is a perfect opportunity for you to really get involved, make a big difference to the organisation and to the rabbits that will benefit. And, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, with our full support.

Click for more information, and to volunteer to become a Fundraising Officer or contact us for further information.

Coming Soon: downloadable resources & posters that you can use to raise awareness in your local area.

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