Lhanna’s Volunteer Challenge


My names Lhanna and I’m a volunteer for FBRC. I currently foster a pair of rabbits, and when the volunteer challenge was announced I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make some money for the bunnies!

I decided to bake some homemade pet biscuits.  My mum and I have made them previously and had lots of success selling them at events and fundraisers for the charity.
We made Tuna Triangles for cats, Banana Bones for dogs and Cranberry Cookies for Bunnies & Guinea Pigs.


These treats are suitable for cats and dogs with intolerances, like dairy, wheat and cereal – particularly common in dogs. It can be so hard for owners to find tasty treats for their pets that won’t leave them in discomfort.

Also, many rabbit owners find the rabbit treats for sale in stores are full of lots of unfriendly ingredients such as seeds, animal fats and lot of sugars.  My treats are friendly and full of bunny safe ingredients, so owners can purchase them safely and not have to worry.  My bunnies love them!

So far, our total is still rising, and the Cranberry Cookies are still available for purchase, at £2 a bag (includes postage).

So, if you have a bunny or piggie and would like to try some treats please get in touch via petcookies@fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org.

Thanks, Lhanna.

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