Lauren’s New Year Challenge

On the 8th December 2013, I was told about a volunteers’ new year challenge to raise money for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.  It seemed a pretty simple task, but as always, there was a catch!

I was given £10 and was told that everything I produced was to be funded by that and only that £10… My mind automatically switched to bracelets, necklaces and earrings with little bunny pendants which I would make and sell.

Then my Auntie (who also helps out at the charity) wondered if car stickers would be a good idea, but not just rabbit stickers, cat and dog ones too.

My mum, Aunt and I all then had a brainstorming night, in which we came up with slogans, such as ‘Talk To The Butt Cause The Tail Ain’t Listening!’ and ‘Be Pawsitive’ and also all round animal adopting ones, such as ‘Who Rescued Who?’ And ‘Opt To Adopt’.

One of my dad’s friends works for Kenwil Print and Design in Kirkintilloch, who can print on anything from pens to car stickers to clothes. I asked him if he could help me design and print some car stickers to be sold.

Things are now underway and we should hopefully soon finalise the designs and be ready to put the items on sale.