Keep The Gut Moving

Rabbits have very delicate digestive systems so it’s important to ensure they are getting the correctly balanced diet.  This should be 80% hay and grass, 15% a variety of leafy greens herbs and vegetables. And 5% pelleted food (about 1 small egg cup full.)  Getting the wrong diet or a sudden change in diet can have serious repercussions for a bunny’s digestive system.

GI (or gut) stasis is an often deadly condition in which the digestive system slows down or stops completely. Bad bacteria then builds up in the intestines and releases gas into the system, causing very painful bloating and further decreasing a rabbit’s motivation to eat or drink. This makes the problem much worse because the rabbit becomes more dehydrated and starved of essential nutrients and roughage which could get things moving again. The contents of the digestive tract then become more compact, and the rabbit will have an even more difficult time passing it through.

If the gut stops moving all together it can be very difficult to get it started again and deterioration in the rabbits is very quick and has been known to result in death within a few hours.

Unless you are experienced in the treatment of GI Stasis, we recommend getting your rabbit to a vet asap.

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