Julie’s Fostering Story

Fostering rabbits is the best and a fantastic experience!

You get to care and love each foster rabbit while helping them on their journey to a new permanent home with the right owners. That’s the most important part and the happy ever after that makes fostering the best job in the world.

Rabbits are wonderful pets but need the right people to care for them.

Our first placement was Harley about six months old and very cute.  He had his own personality and his own way of doing things.  He didn’t enjoy being handled but with patience and daily interaction he got used to us and we got use to him. 

Whenever we went on holiday Harley went to his holiday home at FBRC and we couldn’t wait to get him back when we got home.

Happily he was adopted ( well he was very cute) and we were so proud of him. Although sorry to say goodbye it wasn’t long until we welcomed Coffee and Cream, our first bonded pair of bunnies, and a new adventure began…..

If you love rabbits and have space please considering fostering the rewards are huge!  Of course you will need all the details but if you want to know more you only have to ask.