I Kissed A Bunny & I Liked It Winners

During Rabbit Awareness Week, we asked members of the public and our supporters and followers to vote for their favourite photos in our competition “”I Kissed a Bunny & I Liked It””.

The competition ran with two categories:

  • Best Bunny Kissing Bunny photo
  • Best Bunny Kissing Human/Other photo

We are delighted to announce our two winners:

Carol Boxall’s photo of two of her rabbits, Eddie & Haribo, was voted as the winning photo featuring bunnies kissing each other.  Grooming in this fashion is very natural and common with bonded rabbits.  Recent research has also shown that a bonded pair can spend up to 90% of their time in body-to-body contact with each other.

As well as Carol’s prize, her rabbits will now feature in some of our future promotional posters for adoption and most importantly promotion of the importance of keeping rabbits in pairs or small groups.

Carol got Eddie & Haribo from her local rescue service in the south of England.  They live in the house with a “”rabbit flap”” that leads out to their warren outside.



Our other winner is Eleanor Griffin, pictured here with her rabbit Jack.

Eleanor’s photo will also be used in our adoption promotions, and will be used alongisde other materials to remind people that their rabbits need attention, love and interaction.

Jack, who was an 8 year old rabbit, sadly passed away the week after the competiton closed.  Eleanor was keen that we continue to use his picture as a fitting tribute to the love and care she lavished him with during his time with her.  It was Jack that gave Eleanor a passion for rabbits, and she now has a number of her own rabbits and fosters for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care too.





Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to the competition and took part in the voting throughout Rabbit Awareness Week.

We will very soon be launching a new competition inviting you to design some promotional merchandise for us.  More details to follow, so watch this space for your chance to take part and win.

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