Hay and PLENTY of it!

The most important thing for your rabbit is hay.  This is vital to their diet, and they should have a constant supply of if.  A rabbit should typically eat it’s own size equivalent in hay each day, and as it is so good for both their digestion and their teeth, it should form their staple diet.

Hay can be expensive, depending on the time of year and how successful a “crop” was managed during the most recent summer.  Many of the hay supplied in local pet stores can make it expensive to buy enough for your rabbit, so think about other sources.  There are many options online, and you may be lucky enough to find local farmers willing to sell you some hay at a cheaper rate.

Don’t skimp on the quality.  It needs to be very good quality hay for your rabbits to get the most benefit from it.  The greener the better!  And the longer the better too.  Some “old” hays, particularly direct from farms, can sometimes be mouldy and dusty.  So give it a good shake and a smell before you buy any.  You want it to smell sweet – any earthy smells or “fousty” smells should be avoided.

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