Good Behaviours Don’t Come Cheap

All this week we’ve been highlighting natural behaviours as part of the Rabbit Awareness Week 2011. You’ll hopefully have noticed from our blog articles that in order to get the best out of your rabbit, you need to invest time & money in them.

As part of our work, we see evidence of people who have bought a rabbit thinking it would be a cheap pet to keep. It’s hardly surprising when so many rabbits are bought in pet stores alongside hamsters, gerbils & gold fish. The reality though is that a rabbit is a relatively expensive pet to keep, and in terms of commitment should be likened more with keeping cats & dogs than any other household pet.

At Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care we know only too well the implications of the cost of keeping rabbits, as we often are faced with covering the costs of the “expensive” parts of keeping a rabbit: vaccinations, neutering, emergency treatment, etc. We do this though because we recognise that the expense is necessary if we are to give the rabbit the best chance of a quality life.

Where funds allow we invest in neutering as this helps calm the rabbit down, makes bonding easier, and allows us to socialise the rabbit. Our foster carers spend a lot of time handling the rabbits in their care so they are used to “the pet life” before they are adopted and a great deal of our time is spent with current and prospective owners to help them learn more about rabbit behaviours and how to enjoy their pet more.

We thoroughly enjoy what we do, and hopefully you can see that from our enthusiasm on the site and through Facebook.

We are concerned at the moment that our funding is dropping scarily low, and as a result we are just not able to continue our work with the rabbits to the level that we would like to. We are finalising our application for charity registration and are in the process of applying for appropriate grants & funding, but these things take time and we have work to do today!

If you can, we would very much appreciate any financial support you can offer us to allow the service to continue. Please consider one of the following options: