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Contact Us By Post

If you would like to contact us by post, our administration address is:

Beloved Rabbits
The Bunny Bothy
50 Eastside
G66 1QH

Please note that we are NOT able to accept packages or large deliveries at this administration address. If you would like to send larger items to us, please get in touch by email or phone to discuss further and we can provide a suitable address for this purpose, depending on the items being sent.

Please also be aware that we are not able to welcome visitors at this address, and no rabbits are housed at this address. Click here to Find Us.

Contact Us By Phone

We understand that you may wish to talk to us directly.

0141 280 3272

Please be advised that our phonelines are not manned at regular hours, and we will attempt to answer calls whenever possible using volunteers offering their time during their personal spare time. Many of our volunteers also maintain full-time jobs and other commitments and it is not always possible for us to answer every call. As a result, it may be that you will receive a quicker response from our team if you contact us via email using the form above, allowing us to direct your enquiry to the most suitable member of the team.

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