Funds Needed for the Netherlands

Not the country, but our latest additions.

Last weekend, one of our foster carers was approached directly by someone who knows she was a rabbit lover. The lady had two rabbits that she “wanted rid of” and was begging our carer to take them off their hands. When we learned of the rabbit’s conditions we couldn’t say no, and quickly re-organised things for our carer to make space to bring them in.

Pepsi & Fudge, two male Netherland Dwarfs entered our network as a result.

With their previous owner they had been kept in a tiny hutch together until they fought and were separated, but just by a barrier halving the already tiny hutch.

When they first entered the network both lacked condition with dirty coats, dull eyes, etc. With the expert help of our carer this is improving daily, and we expect they will soon recover from this.

Pepsi had unusual pussy scabs on his ears which neither ourselves nor the vet could fully understand what caused these. The scabs have been picked off and are not causing issues now (only 1 week later).

Fudge is a little underweight, which is now being monitored and should soon improve too.

When they were dropped off it was clear they lived in utter filth both rabbits smelled awful. The owner admitted they were fed every 2-3 days when they remembered!

They are easy to handle though lack confidence and trust (food bribes are helping). We will continue to work very closely with them to improve their confidence with handling.

They are pretty amazing considering they have lived in a tiny, filthy, leaky, hutch, ignored apart from the odd bowl of food.

Our plan now would be to have both boys neutered and try to bond them back together for rehoming. However, we would consider rehoming them separately at the moment if they were to be paired with an existing rabbit (remember we can help with bonding rabbits).

Our funds are running dangerously low at the moment though, and we have an ever increasing list of rabbits needing veterinary care. We need your help!

Without your help & donations, the service grinds to a halt. We hate “begging” for money, cause we know that money is tight for everyone just now, but we hate seeing these abandoned, neglected, unwanted rabbits even more. We can only continue to help with your kind donations.

If you can spare any money, regardless of how small you feel it is, we’d really appreciate it.


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