Foster A Bunny

As you will have no doubt read, Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care do not have our own facilities for rabbit rescue. We had a bit of a battle with our landlord to be given permission to keep our own pet rabbits (2 Giants and a Netherland DwarfX). We are currently unable to take in any rabbits needing rehomed, even in an emergency.

As we have such a strong desire to improve rabbit welfare this is very difficult for us, and is the main reason we spend so much of our time offering others advice and assisting with rehoming rabbits.

We are in the process of setting up a network of foster carers who will be able to offer temporary, loving homes for rabbits needing emergency care, temporary homes during rehoming or to help bond and socialise rabbits before we find a permanent home for them.

We desparately need volunteers. If you think you could be a foster carer with Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, please get in touch without obligation for more details of what being a Rabbit Foster Carer could mean for you.

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