February is BunnyMatch Month

It’s the month for love, and everywhere you look there’s love hearts, and couples, and “”cute”” things.

So some of our lonely bunnies have asked us to work extra hard this month to find them a husbun or bunny-wife.

Today we start with Froo-Froo:

Hello, my name is Froo Froo

I am a beautiful REW (red eyed white) and i am medium to large in size. I am very clean, always use my litter tray, eat all my hay and keep my paws sparkly white.

As i openly admit i am a very prim and proper bunny, i think my ideal date would be high tea with a handsome bunny, then sharing a piece of hay under the moonlight, re-inacting the famous “”Lady and The Tramp”” spaghetti scene.

Do you have a lonely buck looking for love? If he is looking for gorgeous, friendly, outgoing lady friend, tell him to look no further, Little Bunny Froo Froo awaits.

If you would like to adopt Froo-Froo, or to see some of our many other rabbits looking for a permanent home, please see http://www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org/adopt