FBRC Saves 500 Rabbits

Meet Winnie, our 500th rescued rabbit since Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care started back in December 2010.

As we approach our 4th birthday, we are totally astonished at how the charity has grown and the excellent work that our team of volunteers have done to help our beloved pet rabbits throughout Central Scotland.

When David & Feona started the rescue service they didn’t dream that it would ever become what it is today.

“”When we started we imagined we’d rescue around 10 rabbits per year,”” says David.  “”But when we had 8 rescues on our waiting list within 1 week of advertising we realised pretty quickly that the demand was going to swamp us and we immediately started planning for bigger things.””

The demand continues to grow as the charity becomes more and more recognised throughout the community, and the management team are planning some exciting changes throughout the coming year to help make the service stronger and more capable of addressing the desperate need of Scotland’s unwanted rabbits.

“”Funding is always the part that will hold us back,”” Feona explains, “”We have an excellent team of volunteers and more waiting in the wings keen to join us.  We are planning to put a big focus in to funding and grant applications this year in that hope that if we are successful we will be able to grow the volunteer team and rescue more rabbits off our waiting list.””

To celebrate, the volunteer team are meeting up today to share their stories and memories of the rabbits that have been in the rescue over the past 4 years as they prepare for the challenges ahead.

If you would like to help, please consider joining the team or making a contribution.

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