Eleanor’s Fostering Story

A brief chat with someone led me to join up to be a foster carer.

My first foster was Frostie, and from the moment I set eyes on him I was In love. I’m what you call a failed fosterer, ’cause within 2 weeks I had adopted him as my own.

My next 2 were Rosie and Jim, who I feel in love with again. But I was brave and let them find a new home.

With the amount of rabbits looking for homes I feel great satisfaction helping them all find there forever homes. I love going out and spending time with them.

Some are frightened and need reassurance, and I love sitting with them till you gain there trust. There is nothing better than going out and they come running to greet you, and then you get nose rubs.

As well as the rabbits I have met some great people and made new friends. There is always someone there to listen. A great bunch of people.

My last foster was Princeton, who has just left to go to his forever home this week and I’m excitedly waiting on my next foster placement coming to stay.

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