Cotton Loses Battle with Stomach Blockage

Cotton, buddy of Bobbin, recently lost a battle with a stomach blockage and was sadly put to sleep on Friday evening.

Cotton, who was due to be adopted with her buddy on Saturday 16th November 2013, suddenly showed signs of being unwell shortly before her big day.  As we would always do, we treated a change in her behaviour as an indication that she was unwell and started to monitor her very closely.  We arranged a vet appointment for her urgently, and she was found to have a concerning blockage in her intestinal area.  The vet was concerned that the blockage was large and did not feel the same as is often found in a standard GI Stasis cases – he feared it was likely there was some form of disease or tumour within the gut.

We followed a recommended course of treatment in the hope it was a standard blockage, and nursed her along for a number of days on hourly fluid feeds and recovery treatment.

By the following Wednesday we were hopeful that things were improving.  The blockage appeared to have reduced at first and Cotton was showing more interest in eating again.

Sadly though upon starting to eat a little the blocked area became full and hard again, and our vet examination determined that she was deteriorating and becoming weak, fast despite our nursing efforts.

After 1 week of intensive treatment it was recommended that she would not likely survive any surgical attempt to address the blockage, and it was felt that it would be best for her to put her to sleep.

Upon our recommendation the family who had reserved Cotton & Bobbin for adoption had earlier reselected another pair from the rescue and are now the happy owners of Dennis & Minnie.

Cotton & Bobbin had been our stars of the rescue throughout 2013, featuring in a number of our posters, t-shirts, calendar photos and promotional designs, including our Facebook Cover Page.  Bobbin, who continues to be in good health, is now looking for a new home where she can be bonded with a new partner.

At this time of year we find that a number of rabbits in the network start to show signs of illness, and it is not unusual for  vet bills to increase significantly.  Many of our ill bunnies manage to pull through the treatment and make it to a successful adoption at the other side.  You can help by Sponsoring A Hutch, with sponsor packages starting at only £3 per month.