There are many different breeds and cross breeds and you may not have one in particular in mind. You should still be aware however that the breed of rabbit you adopt may effect its needs. Your choice of rabbit will effect things like the size of your environment and the amount of grooming needed. Rabbits vary in size from a few pounds to over 10, large rabbits need accommadation suitable to their large size. Long haired rabbits may need daily grooming to prevent mats forming. Before taking home your rabbit you should research its particular needs.

Generally rabbits should be kept in pairs so they have company as they are social animals. They need to be neutered to prevent breeding, prevent common health problems and make introductions go more smoothly. If you are home during the day and your rabbit is living inside with you then it may be possible to just keep one. Generally male/female pairs are easiest to bond but two males or two females are not impossible.

Baby rabbits are very cute but adopting an older rabbit has many benefits. When meeting an adult rabbit it is much easier to assess what personality they have, whether they like to be out exploring, sleeping or having cuddles and how they feel about interacting with people. An adult rabbit is also likely to be neutered by us where as with a baby you will have to arrange this yourself. Any teeth problems are also more likely to have become apparent in adult rabbit.