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What Happens Next?

You MUST submit your photographs or videos before any further action can be taken on your application!

If you have not already sent all your supporting information, you can email these to or visit our Facebook page and use the Message function to send the images or videos to us by private message.

Once we have received these, we will assess your application and be in touch to organise a suitable time for you to meet your new rabbits.

We ask adopters to remember that we are all volunteers, and whilst we appreciate you will be keen to progress things as quickly as possible it may take 24-72 hours for us to make initial contact following receipt of your photographic evidence.

We will most likely respond via email initially, so if you have not received a response from us within this time, please first check your email provider's spam or junk mail filters to make sure our emails haven't been accidentally caught.

We will be in touch very soon. However, if you need to contact us in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Adoption Application

Before You Begin!

1. Check Our Requirements

Your application will be assessed against our minimum requirements, so make sure you are familiar with these expectations.

Rabbits require a combined living and exercise space, indoors or outdoors, that is at least 60 sq. ft.

2. Know Your Setup

We will be asking about the environment your rabbits are kept in, and will need measurements and photographs.  Get these ready before you begin your application.

Not got your equipment yet? Don't worry, complete our application first, so we can offer advice and guidance on aspects that may need to be adjusted before you purchase your equipment!

3. Check Our Location

If your application is successful, you may be asked to collect your rabbit(s) from our appointment office.  Please make sure you will be able to do this, and be mindful of transport needs and the distance your rabbit(s) will be expected to travel too.

The Bunny Bothy, Kirkintilloch, G66 1QH

Apply To Adopt

To apply to adopt from us please complete the form below.

One of our Adoption team will then be in touch to discuss further and begin making arrangements with you.

Rabbits Available For Adoption

Ready For Adoption

The rabbits listed below are now ready to reserve for adoption today.

We would encourage you to consider rabbits marked as Ready NOW! as we can arrange for their adoption very quickly.

Those awaiting procedures such as neutering may have a delay of 3-6 weeks pending treatment and recovery.

Alternatively, check back regularly for our updated list of rabbits.

Did You Know?

Although we display our rabbits that are now ready for adoption, we often have between 70 and 100 rabbits in our care here at Beloved Rabbits.

Some of these rabbits may have recently arrived and still need time to be assessed, neutered and socialised before they are ready for an adoptive home.

Others may have some initial health concerns, and need a great deal of TLC from their foster carer before being considered for adoption.

Ready to adopt Our Rabbits?

Once you’ve had a look through and created your short-list, complete our adoption form to secure your rabbits today. Apply To Adopt

Rehoming Request Received

Thank you for getting in touch.  We have now received your rehoming request.

Due to very high demand for these services, we have added your request to our waiting list.  We do prioritise our waiting list based on the circumstances you have explained to us within your request.  However, waiting times can vary significantly from a matter of days to a number of months depending on the availability of foster carers and other factors affecting the rescue.

We have two methods of offering space to people on the waiting list:

  1. Our main approach is to prioritise the waiting list based on the needs of the owner. When your request reaches the top of our waiting list, you will be invited to make arrangements to have the rabbits brought in to the rescue. This can either be done via an appointment for you to bring the rabbits to us or an appointment for one of our volunteers to collect the rabbits from you (dependent on volunteer availability). In this scenario, there is usually time to plan the appointment as appropriate.
  2. Due to logistical reasons within our rescue, primarily related to transfer of rabbits within our foster care network, we sometimes have spaces that need to be filled at short notice. In this situation, we provide an invite to a number of owners on the waiting list asking them to bring their rabbits to us (often same-day). Appointments are offered on a first-come-first-served basis in this scenario. When all appointments are booked, or if owners are unable to attend, this does not affect their position on our waiting list.

Should your circumstances change and you feel your request is more urgent, please get back in touch.

Likewise, should you manage to find a home for your rabbit through alternative means, please do let us know so we can remove you from the waiting list and help other people faster.

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Contact Us By Post

If you would like to contact us by post, our administration address is:

Beloved Rabbits
The Bunny Bothy
50 Eastside
G66 1QH

Please note that we are NOT able to accept packages or large deliveries at this administration address. If you would like to send larger items to us, please get in touch by email or phone to discuss further and we can provide a suitable address for this purpose, depending on the items being sent.

Please also be aware that we are not able to welcome visitors at this address, and no rabbits are housed at this address. Click here to Find Us.

Contact Us By Phone

We understand that you may wish to talk to us directly.

0141 280 3272

Please be advised that our phonelines are not manned at regular hours, and we will attempt to answer calls whenever possible using volunteers offering their time during their personal spare time. Many of our volunteers also maintain full-time jobs and other commitments and it is not always possible for us to answer every call. As a result, it may be that you will receive a quicker response from our team if you contact us via email using the form above, allowing us to direct your enquiry to the most suitable member of the team.

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Where To Find Us

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is a foster-based network of volunteers caring for the rabbits available for adoption in their own homes.  As such we do not have a public rescue or visitors centre.

In addition we currently operate a Rescue Hub in the G66 postcode area, and are seeking to open additional hubs in other key locations throughout Scotland.  Our Rescue Hubs, which operate in the gardens of the homes of some of our volunteer teams, offer additional larger facilities for us to run many aspects of the rescue.

It is possible to arrange an appointment to visit our Rescue Hub as part of the adoption, rehoming, bonding or volunteering process.

Learn more about the Glasgow Rescue Hub, “The Warren

Learn more about becoming a Rescue Hub.

About Us

Charity founders holding a giant rabbit and a baby rabbit.

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is a registered Scottish Charity (#SC402706) founded by husband & wife team David & Feona Bell.

When they started the rescue, in December 2010, their landlord wouldn’t allow them to have any more rabbits other than their 3 pets, but they saw there was such a massive gap in the area for rabbit rescue and still wanted to do something.  So they setup as a Foster-based rescue – relying on foster families only to care for the rabbits, whilst Feona & David focussed on rescuing & rehoming activities only.

FBRC were the first rabbit dedicated charity in Scotland, gaining charity status in Nov 2011, and are now the only rabbit dedicated rescue charity operating in the area.

David & Feona have since moved into their own property and have a series of environments to allow them to care for some of the rescues too, creating the charity’s first “Rescue Hub”.  The Rescue Hub (nicknamed ‘The Warren’) allows an overspill facility to complement the foster care network and also allows people to visit rabbits by appointment if necessary.

The foster network remains the priority as we feel the benefit of the rabbits gaining more focussed care within a fostered environment prepares them better for successful rehoming. It has its challenges too though.

An additional Rescue Hub, ran in the home of a volunteer Rescue Manager, operated in the Falkirk area throughout 2013 & 2014 but has since closed.  There are plans to expand the charity throughout 2016, and this will include attempts to recruit new Rescue Hub Leads who are willing to support the management of the rescue and operate Rescue Hubs from their own homes.

We now have over 35 foster carers (a growing number), covering around 7 local authority areas throughout central Scotland.

As well as the rescue we have a very active education & awareness programme, and an additional team of volunteers help manage fundraising & awareness events where we attend local galas, community and agricultural shows, etc. At our events we have rabbits for handling which gives us an opportunity to talk about rabbit welfare and we run various fundraising activities.

Our big events include a stall at The Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh in June.

In 2012 we also launched our educational talks – visiting schools, nurseries and local youth groups to do an interactive learning session on rabbit welfare. We’ve inky done a few so far, but these seem to be working very well.

Alongside running the charity Feona is a full-time stay at home mum and also volunteers as a breastfeeding support worker with NCT, and David still carries on his day job as an IT consultant.

So the charity really wouldn’t be able to do this without our excellent teams of foster carers and volunteers – they make David’s crazy ideas and plans turn into a working rescue service! Huge thanks to all of them.

Understanding Cost & Suggested Donations

Our Suggested Donations

Unless otherwise stated, our suggested donation for adoption if £70.

Occasionally, a rabbit may still require neutering (if the rabbit is too young to be neutered whilst within the rescue service). In such circumstances the charity will always issue a voucher redeemable at one of over 50 vet partners throughout Central Scotland, so that the cost of the neutering is still covered within the charity's responsibilities.

Typically, a rabbit which we have fully vaccinated and neutered will have cost us a considerable amount of money (typically in excess of £160), and we ask that you recognise our efforts and costs when considering your donation amount.

Adopting a rabbit from us continues to be a cheaper option!

The table below (Initial Costs) shows how much more expensive a rabbit would cost you if you were to buy a rabbit from a pet store or via another method, such as classified ads.

Without these donations at the time of adoption, we would be unable to continue to provide our services.

Maximising Your Donation

As is displayed in the "Initial Costs" table below, our suggested donation values continue to be considerably cheaper than if you were to organise the treatments yourself.

This is not an indication that we operate with excellent discounts from our vets (although we may have some), but rather is reflective of the fact that, sadly, too many people are just not willing to pay full price for these kinds of treatments.

It is our belief that all rabbits should be fully vaccinated and neutered, and we will continue to strive to do this for all rabbits in our care whilst funds are available.

Please consider offering a larger donation when adopting your rabbit.

Additional funds will help to ensure the service can continue to run smoothly, and will allow an increased number of rabbits to be rescued through our foster care network

Initial Costs

Most rabbit rescue services, including ours, do ask for a donation towards our services when adopting a rabbit. So why would you pay to adopt a rabbit from us, when you can pick up a "cute" baby rabbit from a pet shop or local breeder?

We would ask that you consider the overall costs and not just an initial fee. If you assume a fullly healthy rabbit, the comparison table shows you some of the financial benefits of adopting a rabbit from us.

These costs quoted are per rabbit so for bonded pairs you would simply double the costs in most cases.

Pet-Shop Rabbit Beloved Rabbits
Initial Cost £25 - £60 Suggested Donation £DONATION
Myxo-RHD Plus Vacc (Annual) £35 - £70 Myxo-RHD Plus Vacc Included
Neutering £80 - £120 Neutering Included

(via voucher for young rabbits)


Ongoing Costs

These are approximate costs, obviously they will vary slightly depending on where a rabbit is kept and unforeseen vets bills.

  • Yearly vaccinations £35 - £70
  • Food (pellets, vegetables, treats) £3/week
  • Hay £4/week
  • Bedding (Straw) £2.50/week
  • Hutch/Run £120+
  • Vet care From £10 for nail clipping to £200 for setting a broken leg or more for complex operations.

In short, excluding vet care, a rabbit will cost an average of £10/week which means £520 a year. Recent research from the PDSA PAW Report suggests the typical annual cost of rabbit ownership including ongoing veterinary care is around £1000 per year.

Emergency Vet Care

Emergency vet bills can be horrendously expensive, with our local out-of-hours vet service charging typically £75 - 120 just for a consultation outwith hours.

Emergency operations can often be hundreds of pounds, even if you do manage to catch your vet during opening hours.

You may wish to consider insurance to help budget for such occasions, and ensure that you can afford to give your rabbit the necessary treatment regardless of the state of your bank balance.

Pet Insurance - 4 Weeks Free With Petplan

People tend to think it's only older pets that get ill and therefore younger pets don't need pet insurance but we know from the patients we see each day that that is not the case.

In fact, the younger your pet is when you insure them the better as it means you are less likely to have any existing conditions, which may not be covered by the policy and you can then receive more help covering the cost of any future treatment your pet needs.

It is important to note that not all pet insurance is the same. There are many different types of policy available and the level of cover provided can vary considerably. The four main types of policy are as follows:

  • Accident: provides cover for accidents only and no cover for illness
  • Time-Limited: provides cover for a set amount of time (usually 12 months) and after this period the condition is excluded
  • Maximum Benefit: provides cover up to a maximum amount of money per condition and once this limit is reached the condition is excluded
  • Lifetime: provides a set amount of money each year which is refreshed each time you renew your policy allowing you to continue to claim for ongoing condition

As you can see from the information above, the type of policy you choose can have implications for the veterinary care of your pet and the costs you will face so it's important to choose the right cover.

Sometimes, the cheapest insurance can cost you more in the long run. When shopping around for a policy, we suggest that you ask the following questions to allow you to compare the overall value you are getting, not just the price:

  1. Does this policy cover congenital, hereditary, hip-related, dental and behavioural conditions?
  2. Is there a time or monetary limit on how long this policy will cover ongoing conditions for?
  3. If I claim, will my premium increase?

Unlike other forms of insurance, it is not easy to switch pet insurance in the future as any pre-existing conditions your pet has are likely to be excluded so it's important to do your research and choose the right cover from the start.