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Rabbit Environments

  This year’s Rabbit Awareness Week is focusing on environment. It’s highlighting that housing a rabbit in a single hutch is not enough. The most common mistake by owners is giving their rabbit a small hutch or cage that’s available to them through high street stores however, this is normally small and cramped housing that …

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Rabbit Ear Infection: Captain Morgan One of the most common issues rabbits can face is ear infections, especially in particular breeds of rabbits. Over the past few weeks in the charity, one of our foster placements suffered from a slightly less common type of ear infection in his outer ear. This is more likely to be seen in rabbits …

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7 Facts About Rabbits

1. Rabbits are NOT rodents!  Many people think that mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits are all very similar, but the truth is they have quite a few differences which separate them.    Rabbits, hares and an animal called a ‘pika’ make up the order known as ‘Lagomorpha’ separate from the order ‘Rodentia’. Where some rodents …

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Burrow Building Project

Find out about our plans to identify funding for a new purpose designed rabbit rescue and adoption centre, incorporating space for improved rabbit welfare education & awareness. All underpinned by the benefits of our existing and very much important foster care model. It’s early days for the Burrow Building project, and we will soon share …

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Heather and Lisa, FBRC Adoptions Managers

Adoption Process Improvements

We are always very keen to develop and improve how the charity delivers our services, and so are keen to receive and listen to feedback as we continue to meet a growing need for rabbit rescue services throughout Scotland. Earlier in 2017 we listened to feedback from our followers that indicated that our adoption process …

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