Walking Your Rabbit

Who says you can’t walk a rabbit?!  There are a variety of harnesses available form pet stores and on-line retailers which are suitable for bunnies.  It may take a while for your rabbits to adjust to using a harness and it is better if you can start getting them used to it while they are young.  Start with short sessions allowing bunny to wear the harness without the lead in their own run till they get used to wearing it. Then keep shots on the lead short.  If they seem to be tolerating it well,  using a harness can provide a new fun way for you and your rabbits to explore together .

Understanding Run Space Requirements

So you’ve sorted your rabbit’s accommodation but a hutch (even a big one) is not enough!   Rabbits are naturally active and playful so need lots of space to exercise. The minimum size run as recommended by the rabbit welfare association is 8ft by 4ft by 2ft.  This should allow them to do 4 consecutive hops and stretch their legs sufficiently but if you can afford to give them more than this then you can be sure they will make good use of the space.

Encouraging Movement

Some rabbits need more encouragement to exercise than others.  There can be a number of reasons for this.  If you have rescued your bunny it’s possible that their previous lifestyle didn’t allow for much exercise so it may take time to coax them into a new routine. 

There may be a few factors affecting your rabbits desire to run around.  Rabbits are most active early in the morning and late at night, and are more lethargic in the afternoon. Changing what time they get access to their run may encourage them to be more active. 

Are there hidey holes in the run area? If bunny feels too exposed they may sit crouched in a corner rather than relaxing enough to play, whereas providing a cover or box to hide in can make them feel a lot more confident to run around and play.

They may simply be a little bored, providing toys and forage to root around for will encourage movement . 

Dangers Of A Lazy Bun

Just because you provide your rabbit with a big run to play in doesn’t necessarily mean that bunny will automatically take advantage of it. “My rabbits just lazy, he doesn’t like to exercise” However it is important not to give up on getting your rabbit to move around as they can end up with very complex medical problems as a result of inactivity including obesity, muscle wastage and osteoporosis.