Can’t Help Seeing Red!

As a rabbit rescue our aim is to see all the bunnies in our care hop off to their forever homes, where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives, and for us running the rescue, its always exciting when we get a positive enquirey for one of our rabbits. Not all enquires will go all the way to a rehoming, or somone may enquire about one bun, and end up taking home a different one, or a pair, as they realise their needs are different from what they first thought. But every enquirey offers hope that somebun is going to find their forever home!

Some rabbits, get more enquiries than others before they find their perfect match, but there is one group who seem to be constantly overlooked.

  • We have Becks, a medium sized rabbit who is bonded with his partner, Posh. This pair of lovebirds have been waiting for over 4 months for their forvever home, and have never had any enquries.
  • Melinda was recently abandoned at a local pet shop, A larger rabbit, but very inquisitive and friendly, no reason was given, she was simply left with the shop owners who called us to come and take her in.
  • Bobby, is a lovely lop, a quiet boy, we were asked to rehome him after his owner had a change in circumstances.

This group of rabbits are all different sizes, breeds and temperaments but they have one thing in common…they are all REWS.

The term REW, reffers to the colour and not breed of the rabbit, it stands for Red Eyed White and unfortunately its often the red eyes that put people off. Too often we hear the phrase “”I really dont mind what kind of rabbit I get…as long as its not a REW!””

Whilst we appreciate that not everyone is going to have the same preferences when it comes to comes to their rabbits, some people like tiny Nethies, others like big Giant Continentals, some people prefer cute little lops, others like the “”wild”” looking rabbits, we know that fans of the REW ARE out there! People who cant resist those big pink eyes that remind them of “”The White rabbit”” from “”Alice in Wonderland”” It is these people we are appealing to today! Our REWs need a loving forever home with someone who will love them just the way they are!

Could this be you? Or someone you know? Then please get in touch we’ll be really excited to hear from you!, 0141 280 3272

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