#BuddiesForBunnies T-Shirts for Rabbit Awareness Week

18-26 June 2016 is Rabbit Awareness Week throughout the UK: a week where various animal welfare charities, rescues, pet stores and vet practices all get together to highlight rabbit welfare issues and promote these much loved and yet very much misunderstood pets.

RAW 2016 is all about #BuddiesForBunnies, promoting the need for all rabbits to have company.

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, a Scottish Registered Charity dedicated to providing rabbit rescue, adoption, bonding and care advice throughout Scotland are firm believers that every rabbit needs a buddy, and all our adoptive homes are checked to ensure that they will meet the needs of their new pets.

All the money raised from the sale of our t-shirts throughout the RAW 2016 campaign will be used directly to support the charity’s funds to help pay our ongoing vet bills.  Each rabbit in the rescue typically costs us around £100 to prepare for adoption: vaccinations & neutering costs.  However, many of the rabbits also have additional care needs costing the charity much more.

We therefore do not make any profit from any of rabbits, and your support through this campaign will ensure we are able to continue the work we do, and help towards ensuring rabbits in Scotland get #BuddiesForBunnies.

Buy Your T-Shirts Now

All three of our RAW 2016 T-Shirt designs are available to purchase until 31 July 2016, and each design is available in Ladies, Unisex and Kids t-shirt styles too!

Design 1: Orange Bunny Butt Design

Design 2: Purple Bunny Butt Design

 Design 3: Purple Kissing Bunnies Design

Design 1: Orange Bunny Butt Design Design 2: Purple Bunny Butt Design Design 3: Purple Kissing Bunnies Design