Before Advertising Your Rabbit as “Free To A Good Home”…

We understand that sometimes it may be unavoidable or necessary to rehome your pet rabbit(s), and where possible we will be happy to help you.

Before trying to rehome your rabbit, or listing them as ‘Free To Good Home’ did you know:

Some rabbits rehomed through classifieds and Social Media platforms

  • will be used as food for other animals (e.g. snakes)
  • are re-sold for profit
  • are used for dog fight training, or similar ‘sport’
  • are abused and killed for ‘fun’
  • may go to a home where it cannot be cared for properly
  • Please consider how you will ensure your rabbit is going to an appropriate home.
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions
  • Consider insisting on taking the rabbit to them – if you don’t like what you see you can bring your rabbit back with you before it is too late.

As with most rescue services, we are often full. However, we can provide support and advice to help you rehome your unwanted pet. We will also add you to a waiting list so that when a vacancy becomes available within our foster care network we will be able to assist further.

We insist on home checks before we allow anyone to adopt a rabbit from us, so we can ensure that rabbits rehomed through our service will be going to a good home where they will be given the love, care and attention they need.

To request our help with rehoming your rabbits, please click here.