Bailey’s Story

Bailey entered our network after his owner made the very difficult decision to rehome him. Her son was highly allergic, to the extent he was on steroids and couldn’t be in the same room as Bailey. His owner tried various things to try to make a home where Bailey and her son could both live, but it just wasn’t meant to be. She was absolutely distraught the day we collected him.

So strong was her love for her pet, she wrote a wee story all about him so that we could pass this on to his foster carer & new home. Today we thought we’d share some of the story.

Dear Foster Carer,

I have written all this stuff down just in case I forget to tell you and hopefully it might help you to get to know Bailey a bit better.

I am sure you will grow to love him and care for him as much as we do. This was not an easy decision for me to make, but I promise I’ll always be on hand with any advice you may need, anytime.

Thank you ever so much for giving him a chance and hopefully a forever home, I hope you will make each other really happy and have lots of joy, that’s all I can wish and find him a forever home and maybe a companion as I think he’d love that.

Bailey is a male mini-rex rabbit, born in the 1st week of June 2011. He loved lots of attention and exercise, playing with his blanket and toys. He likes a clean bed and tray, fresh food (Rabbit Royale), fresh veg, water and hay needs to be filled every day.

  • He has had his jags for this year and also been neutered (last week of June 2012).
  • Best to lift him in his blanket – always support his bottom.
  • Let him come to you, he will take time to adjust and trust you.
  • He loves being petted, and having his ears played with, nose scratched & rubbed from tip to ears. He also loves his cheeks and feet scratches when he’s lying down, just be careful of his eyes.
  • He likes to run up and down stairs.
  • He will chase you if you run to the other side of the room. When he is happy he does jumps (called Binkys). When he circles you, he’s doing the Love Dance.
  • He loves lying on carpet, spread out and relaxing. Loves grape, apple & banana (not too much).
  • Likes baby talk & treatmnent.
  • He needs at least 4 hours exercise out and about, and has been used to being a house rabbit, so more if possible.
  • He loves his old bitten blanket and will follow it anywhere, especially good if he is hiding.
  • He’s a cheeky, funny wee rabbit with his own personality which you will get to know.
  • He is almost litter trained – he will leave little poos when running around, but always pees in the litter tray.
  • If taking him out on a lead, I’d put it on while he’s in the cage/run, then lift him out to the garden.
  • Be careful of dogs nearby, and he can be frightened of noise from planes overhead.
  • Please love him as much as you can, as he is a very special bunny and I will miss him soooo much.
  • Have fun and take care!!!

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