Adoption Suspension for Easter 2015

Adoption Suspension: Monday 30th April 2015 until Sunday 12th April 2015

We do not recommend the giving of rabbits as presents at Easter.

Experience has taught us that the giving of pets as a gift is one of the largest contributing factors to the volume of unwanted pets shortly after the holiday period, as the families face the reality of owning their pet and decide it’s not right for them.

We believe part of the reason is the “”gift”” process – particularly for children. Remember that pets are not suitable for children: no child should be given the full responsibility for their pet, but should be supervised at all times, with the adult taking the full responsibility for the pet. However, receiving a pet amongst all their other gifts creates the wrong level of emotional attachment, with the pet being likened to the chocolate, toys and other “”disposable”” gifts that don’t need constant care & attention.

For this reason, we do not support the giving of rabbits at Christmas or Easter time, and we will not be able to accept adoption requests for any of our rabbits during the holiday periods, although we will be happy to accept enquiries and home check appointments to reserve rabbits for adoption on either side of these dates.

For Easter 2015, this means we will not progress adoptions between Monday 30th March 2015 and Sunday 12th April 2015 inclusive.