Adoption Process Improvements

Heather and Lisa, FBRC Adoptions Managers We are always very keen to develop and improve how the charity delivers our services, and so are keen to receive and listen to feedback as we continue to meet a growing need for rabbit rescue services throughout Scotland.

Earlier in 2017 we listened to feedback from our followers that indicated that our adoption process was sometimes a little slower than they had expected and that responses to emails and messages would sometimes take a few days.

We made a number of changes to how we do things, and after a few months of monitoring how these changes have settled in we are happy to see that we notice a big difference. Do you?

As part of this change, Heather and Lisa both took on new roles within our charity’s management team as Adoptions Managers. Working very closely together, they ensure that all our adoption enquiries are managed as quickly as we possibly can.

When we first receive your adoption application, either Heather or Lisa will be in touch to discuss the whole process with you and make sure that we help you find the perfect bonded pair for you, or finding a new buddy for your existing bunny or group. They will guide you through the whole process, including bonding advice and support where required, and make sure your new addition to the bunny family is happy and settled in their new home.

Heather, Adoptions Manager “Finding homes for the bunnies who arrive at the rescue is incredibly rewarding, but it’s not an easy task – at every step we have to carefully consider what’s best for each single bunny, pair or group we rehome. No adoption is exactly alike and each rabbit has their own unique personality so we work hard to make sure their care and welfare needs are at the heart of the whole process.

“We have a wonderful network of foster carers and this allows us to really get to know the rabbits – their likes, dislikes, temperaments and behaviours. Our application process, including our form and request for photos or home visits, allows us to gain an understanding of the type of home being offered to the rabbits. This means we can work with each adopter to find the bunny for them, ensuring that the rabbits individual needs can be met.

“The bunnies who come into the rescue all have different backgrounds – some good and some bad – but they’ve each been through a great deal of change and we need to make sure that the new home they hop off to becomes their forever home, where they can live with a companion (or two!) and be well looked after by their human family. The whole adoption process, from enquiry to collection, can take anything from a couple of day to a number of weeks, but our involvement doesn’t end there – we’re always on hand to answer questions and provide support while the bunnies get settled, especially if bonding is involved. It’s a demanding role but it’s worth it to see the bunnies happy and loved in their new homes.”

Heather Thomson, Adoptions Manager

  Luna “Heather was really lovely to deal with at every step from submitting the application to litter training advice. We think what you do is really important and we’re glad we could give just one bunny a new home!” 

Amy, adopter of Mimosa (now known as Luna).

PeterKay “The adoption process was very good, the website worked well and the adoption was straightforward and good care advice was given. I found both your managers to be excellent.” 

Densie, adopter of Peter Kay.

Turmeric “We thought the collection appointment and bonding support received was great. It was a very nice friendly environment and everyone clearly very knowledgeable. It was helpful being new to bonding to have the initial session there, and have common reactions explained, preparing us for continuing at home. After adoption I messaged the facebook page for advice, and quickly received a response.”

Sophie, adopter of Turmeric.

“Being on the adoptions team at Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is so rewarding.  I love helping our rescue bunnies find their perfect forever homes.  At FBRC we will work with you as much as we can to help you find the right bunnies and can offer full bonding support too.  We can also provide lots of advice on housing and exercise space and ideas and work with you to improve your existing set up so your bunnies have as much space as possible.

“Adopting from FBRC has so many benefits.  Not only will your new bunnies be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped but when you adopt you save two lives as we then have a space to rescue more bunnies.

“I look forward to working with you to find your perfect bunnies.”

Lisa Thow, Adoptions Manager.





As well as the positive feedback we have had from our recent adopters, we continue to listen to all comments and suggestions:

  • We will soon be looking at our adoption form to see if we can simplify the process whilst still ensuring we get enough information to guarantee the best possible homes for rabbits in our care.
  • We will look at our appointment timings to try to offer opportunities for more 1:1 time for those needing extra bonding or care advice on collection (usually for first time owners).
  • We are looking at improving the website information to try to provide more information for all rabbits to help make the choice easier – we appreciate that photos are often not enough and you want more info on personalities and temperament, as well as some videos.
  • We are trying to work out ways we can be able to more accurately predict how long your rabbit(s) may need to stay in the rescue for neutering or vaccinations.

If you would be interested in adopting from us, please visit to view a list of rabbits looking for a new home, and to begin the process.

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