A Group of Wild Things Looking for a Special Home!

Some  of you may remember when the Troggs joined us last summer.  They were an unwanted litter who were handed in to the service with their mother when their owner decided she could no longer cope with them.

The Troggs mother, who has since been adopted  had been ‘caught’ by a wild rabbit and just 4 weeks later the Troggs were born.

The four of them, two boys (Reg & Pete) and two girls (Chris & Ronnie), have all been neutered and vaccinated and still live quite happily together as a group of 4 without any relational issues.  They aren’t overly fond of being handled (not many rabbits are!), but they aren’t scared by human attention, and will from time to time enjoy a nose-stroke and come over to visit you at feeding time and the occasional play time. 

They are still with us though, and desperately looking for a new home.  Their perfect home though will be one that is up for a bit of a challenge! 

There is no doubting that these 4 rabbits contain some wildie genes, and our foster carers who have had them over the past year have all struggled to keep these guys contained.  As with all our carers, they have been offered more than adequate living and run space, but it seems that no amount of space is enough for these bunnies, and regardless what we try they seem to make it out of their run somehow!  Climbing 6ft fencing is no problem for them.  Digging is a joy and they can do it fast! 

As with any notorious group, their ‘success’ is down to a good leader, and our Troggs are no different.  Ronnie, one of the girls, tends to be the one who escapes most often and from time-to-time will show the other three how to scape too.  Thankfully she will always return of her own accord, as otherwise there would be little chance of catching her. 

We have now transferred them to The Warren where they will be amongst our first residents in the new fully enclosed run systems.  We are hopefully this kind of environment will mean they will be happy, but learn to stay at ‘home’! 

Obviously this presents the rescue service with a significant challenge!  We firmly believe that all rabbits are adoptable, and as long as the new owners are aware of any age, medical or behavioural conditions and are happy to support them, there is no need to “”institutionalise”” the rabbits within the rescue service.  After all – they deserve a happy home just as much as any other rabbit! 

The Troggs though would not be suited to just any home.  So we are on the lookout for new owners who can offer the right environment for them.  It would need to offer a very large living space (ideally like a garden shed), connected to a permanent access run, fully enclosed, set on concrete or paving slabs. 

As the 4 of them get on so well, we would ideally look to keep them all together in a group of 4.  However, we appreciate this would not always suit.  To increase their chances of being offered a permanent home we would consider splitting them into two pairs, as we would do any of our litter groups. 

Embracing their desire for adventure, we do believe The Troggs would make great pets for the right people.  They are as much fun to watch and interact with as any rabbit. 

If you are up for the challenge, and you think you have the environment to appease these guys, please do get in touch for further information.