20 Things Our Volunteers Don’t Tell You

1. That they speak a language that only rabbit lovers or owners understand

“Oh my goodness did you see that awesome binky” – translates as that was some jump in the air by a very happy bunny
“The bunny has collapsed….oh panic over, it is a DBF” – translates as a dead bunny flop, ie, a bunny lying on its side in a haze of sheer bliss, eyes shut, oblivious to the world around them.  This is the happiest you will ever see a bunny but the scariest for a bunny carer.
“You can stop with the foot flicks, I am the boss” – translates as, give over with the attitude and stroppiness, I only said no to anymore treats!!

2. That they never understand neglect but all go through the same emotions on how to deal with it.

As with a lot of rescues, we see a lot of bunnies come into us suffering all stages of neglect, we never harden to it, we just go through the emotions of, upset, anger then determination that we will make a difference to this bunny and other bunnies lives.

3. They are shocked when they first hear the phrase “let’s do a bunny burrito”

No, we are not going to eat the bunny but in fact it is a very useful technique on how to get medicines into an unwilling bunny by wrapping it in a towel.

4. They have a fridge full of fresh veg but only feed themselves and their family frozen

Only the best for these bunnies

5. That when trying to rehabilitate a shy nervous bunny, it is normal for us to spend hours sitting on the floor, even eating our dinner there in the hope the bunny feels safe and secure

The amount of time and effort that every one of our volunteers spends trying to rehabilitate and earn trust of our rescue bunnies is amazing.  They all have tried and tested techniques and work hard to get the bunnies ready for their forever home.  Winning a bunnies trust is the hardest of all but the most rewarding

6. That our neighbours regularly see us outside in our PJ’s at all hours of the day and night doing what they think is talking to ourselves.

We are having a meaningful conversation with our small furries obviously!!!  We are not mad…………….only bunny mad.

7. We are the only people who appreciate dandelions and actually grow them in our gardens

Dandelions are loved by all bunnies and the nutrients are amazing for them.


8. That when we tell our families that we are popping out to see the bunnies for 5 minutes actually means 5 hours 

Guilty every time, but they are so cute and every single ones needs kisses and head rubs!!!!  How can we say no???

9. That it is normal to find hay on lots of random places, in your tea, washing machines, cars.

In fact, if you leave the house without some you feel like you are missing something

Hay makes up at least 80% of a bunny’s diet so no wonder it gets everywhere.

10. That we have a very unnatural obsession with poo.

You can tell how a rabbit is feeling just by looking at poo so it gets a LOT of air time within the charity,  Nice and big, happy bunny, small misshaped, not so happy bunny and needs monitoring, no poo, sick bunny who is not eating and needs a vet asap.

11. That for every bunny who comes in that doesn’t make it, we shed a tear and keep them in our hearts    

12. We have sat up all night nursing and monitoring a sick bunny and still go to work the next morning.

Usually after a visit to the vet first thing.  A big thank you to all the employees who know how important these animals are to us

13. That every foster carer falls in love with their first foster and many go on   to be failed fosters again and again.

Just the way it should be 😉

14.  We don’t see the rabbit breed but their personality

Many people ask us what is our favourite breed of rabbit, we usually answer, “The cheeky pesky ones!!!”

Their character is what we fall in love with not the breed.

15. That we are highly skilled at training the bunnies to be the peskiest they can be.

Oh yes we are!!!!!  Peskiness is a must in all bunnies!!!

16. That when a volunteer sees their foster rabbit going to their forever home, we will wish them all the luck in the world, but will also have a little cry when they leave.

Every bunny is much loved by each and every one of us.  But never fear, we are not sad for long as a new bunny comes along needing much love and care and the process starts all over again.  We always have a huge waiting list.

17. That we spend hours researching and educating ourselves on medical conditions, behaviours and techniques so we can be as fully prepared as we can.

It is not always kisses and cuddles with these complicated animals and our volunteers spend a lot of their own time researching and educating themselves so that we are prepared for the challenges we have in front of us with each bunny.

18. That we try very hard not to be affected by rabbit stew jokes.

Everyone thinks they are the first one to crack the rabbit stew joke, but come on folks, its old and its not funny!

19. That patience and love is as much a healer as medicine

We have found that even the most neglected bunnies if given love and support, their will to survive is amazing.  Healing the mind is just as important as healing the medical issues.  A little bit of love and patience is grasped with both paws.  If you believe then they believe too.

20. That we check the public Facebook page on a daily basis in the hope that we will see pictures of our foster bunnies all happy in their new homes.

Go on, indulge us at every opportunity.  It makes the effort we put in all the more worthwhile seeing them blossom and happy.


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